GZIP compression checker

Using this easy-to-use tool, you can check if GZIP is enabled on your website.

Gebruik hieronder de GZIP compression checker

What is GZIP compression?

Simply put, GZIP compression allows smaller files to be sent to your browser. Files ending in .zip and .rar are files that have been made smaller by compressing them into a ZIP file. These smaller files will improve the loading speed of your website and thus improve your ranking in Google. After all, higher loading speed is a ranking factor of the Google algorithm. To make the example a little more practical, let’s take a look at the number of kb’s of a file. Suppose you have a 100kb file, then you can use GZIP compression to reduce that file to 10kb. That’s a significant difference, don’t you think? GZIP compression is one of the many components of technical SEO and will help get the foundation of your SEO right.

Why should I do a GZIP check?

We can imagine that you don’t know if your website uses GZIP compression. After all, there are so many things to consider when starting a website. That’s why we developed this GZIP compression checker that can check that for you. Enter your URL, in the GZIP compression tool, and you will immediately see if everything is correct. If everything is correct, you will get the following message:

GZIP is enabled for the URL https://smartranking.nl/.

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