Corporate Social Responsibility

As a fast-growing SEO agency, we are blessed by the opportunities and possibilities we have. This also creates an opportunity for us to give something good back to people and to the world. For this reason, we support several charities and are committed to a healthy lifestyle for all our colleagues. We support the causes listed below:

One Tree Planted and Rainforest Trust

Almost every year we have trees planted through One Tree Planted and/or Rainforest Trust. In this way, we also do our bit for the environment, the habitat of local residents where trees are planted and the undoing of deforestation.

  • In 2020, we had 1,496 trees planted through One Tree Planted.
  • In 2021, we made a donation through Rainforest Trust.
  • In 2022, we had 1,000 trees planted through One Tree Planted.

Against Malaria Foundation

Over the past few years, we have donated a total of about 200 mosquito nets in the fight against malaria. These nets are provided by the Against Malaria Foundation. One net protects an average of two people for three to four years, giving us a total of approximately 400 people protected against malaria.

The Water Project

In 2021, we made a donation to dig a well in western Kenya (Irukose Primary School). With this well, the 605 students will be able to pump 19 liters per minute, giving them access to clean drinking water.

Save a Child Foundation

Through the foundation “Stichting Red een Kind” (English: Save a Child Foundation), we sponsor a family in Burundi since 2018. Through our contribution to the project, the children can go to school, the parents receive training in a self-help group, a savings and loan system is set up, young people can receive vocational training and investments can be made in farms. It provides better and more varied food so that children are healthier and can attend school, reducing infant mortality, paying for schoolbooks and giving people something to save. The region is becoming more resilient and independent, and there is hope for the future.

Friends of Martini Hospital

A hospital stay brings excitement and uncertainty for most people. Friends of Martini Hospital provides additional facilities at Martini Hospital in Groningen (the Netherlands) that cannot be purchased by the hospital itself, as this is not allowed due to public funds. Projects include Virtual Reality glasses for burn patients, a silence center and atmospheric waiting and family rooms. Starting in 2019, we will support Friends of Martini Hospital with an annual contribution.

FC Groningen

SmartRanking has been involved as a sponsor with FC Groningen, the soccer club of the North, since 2017. In various ways, FC Groningen is socially involved in various regions in the north of the Netherlands.

Every Nation Churches & Ministries

Every Nation Churches & Ministries is a worldwide organization of churches and campus ministries. The organization is located in seven regions around the world. Since 2019, support one of the volunteers working for Every Nation on a monthly basis.

The Ocean Cleanup

Plastic in the ocean is a big problem for animals and humans and causes serious problems. We support The Ocean Cleanup, an initiative that removes plastic from the sea.

Green web hosting

The Internet accounts for 10% of total global energy consumption, with data centers accounting for 2-3% of total global energy consumption. This means that an enormous amount of energy is consumed when visiting websites. To minimize the environmental impact, our website is hosted in a green way through Vimexx, using Dutch sustainable energy.

Solar panels

The roof of our office space is covered with solar panels. In this way, the daily power is generated by ourselves, and we work entirely on 100% green power.

Fruit and exercise

Besides the charities we support, the well-being of all colleagues is also important. Every day we provide lunch and fruit. With our soccer table, every colleague also gets daily exercise during breaks, and several colleagues take an occasional walk during break or during during during the day.

Monthly neck and back massage

The major disadvantage of sedentary work is that you often sit in the same position. This is not good for our colleagues’ necks and backs eventually. To ensure that the muscles in the neck and back do not stiffen up, with unpleasant consequences, colleagues who wish to do so are given monthly back and neck massages.