Google SERP snippet preview tool

The number of impressions in Google and the CTR are important factors for the number of visitors that visit your website. This means that you want to stand out in the search results. Your meta title and meta description should therefore be appealing; not too long and not too short. Haven’t got this sorted out yet? Then the chance that your display will be clicked on, decreases enormously. Use our Google SERP snippet preview tool to easily see how your pages are displayed in the Google search results.

HTML headings tag checker

When building web pages, you need to provide overview and structure. This is important for your visitors, but also for Google and your findability in search engines. You apply structure thanks to HTML headings: H1 to H6 headings. H1 is used as a title and therefore used only once on a web page. The rest of the text is divided into paragraphs (H2’s, H3’s … etc.). With our HTML Heading check tool, you can easily check which headings are present on your page and which are missing.

Internal & external link checker

The internal link structure is an important aspect of SEO. Your website should form a kind of spider web of links. This ensures a good and logical navigation for visitors, this means that the crawl budget is optimally spent. External links or backlinks ensure that the authority of your website increases. With our internal & external link checker, you can immediately see which internal and external links are entering your page.

Alt tags checker

It’s not just text that’s important for findability in search engines, images should also be optimized. To make sure that Google understands your images better, you need to fill in the Alt tag. With our Alt tags checker, you can see at a glance whether the images on your page have an alt tag and which alt tags you still need to fill in.

Canonical URL checker

To improve the organic findability of your website, one thing is essential: avoid duplicate content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Content must be unique and should add value. On your website, it is sometimes difficult not to have duplicate content. Facts on your website remain facts, and you often mention them on multiple pages. To avoid penalties from Google, you can use the canonical tag. With our Canonical URL checker, you’ll be able to see if there is a canonical URL present on your page.

Character counter tool

Content is an important element of SEO. With our character counter tool, you can easily see how many words, characters and spaces a text contains. You can also see how frequently each word occurs (keyword density).

HTTP status code checker

To optimize a website for search engines, you want to avoid URLs that give errors or unnecessarily redirect you to another page. With our HTTP status code checker, you can see at a glance if a page is redirected or if there are any errors (404). Want to do this for a whole set of URLs? Then use our Bulk HTTP status code checker and enter up to 50 URLs.

Bulk robots.txt checker

To spend the crawl budget optimally, you can give Google and other search engines instructions in the robots.txt file on which pages they may and may not crawl. Use our bulk robots.txt checker to see which URLs are and aren’t excluded from the robots.txt file.