Why SEO consultancy?

Regardless of whether you work alone or in a team, there is often a lack of time and knowledge to make a real difference in the field of SEO. In addition, colleagues are not always available to brainstorm on a strategic level regarding the SEO issues at hand. Because SEO is so changeable, it is also hard to keep up with the latest developments. With an SEO consultancy project, you benefit from the knowledge of our SEO consultants.

In a number of steps, we give direction to the complete SEO within your company. Your own marketeers remain the most important pivot for the work. They do the thinking and implementation, and we supplement and adjust as necessary. With SEO consultancy, your marketing team stays sharp, and you become more findable with the knowledge and skills of a team of experts.

  • Sparring at a strategic level with real SEO specialists.
  • Always up to date with the latest SEO developments.
  • Your own marketers carry out the work.
  • Keep your marketing team up to date with straightforward action points.

Which elements does an SEO consultancy process consist of?

SEO consultancy is an ongoing process in almost all cases. This is because the algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, which means that you need to be continuously engaged in SEO. An SEO consultancy process consists of the 8 components listed below.

Component 1: Objectives and strategy

We draw up goals and action points together with you or your marketers. We determine these based on the available data, your online goals and our knowledge in the field of SEO. Good findability always starts with the right SEO strategy, tailored to your objectives, target group and industry. The strategy includes:

  • Clear action points.
  • Concrete objectives.
  • A clear SEO roadmap.
  • Good documentation of activities.

In this way, we make it clear what we are working towards together. The team knows what they need to work on and is given tools to achieve their goals.

Component 2: Technical analyses and technical monitoring

The technology of a website is the foundation of findability. Technical analyses are an important part of the SEO consulting process. With a technical analysis and monitoring, we map out the technical challenges. We then solve these together with your marketers and web builders or developers.

In this process, we transfer knowledge to your people so that they know exactly why they do what they do.

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Component 3: Copywriting guidance

Google wants visitors to get answers to the questions they ask. This means you will need quality content. Writing is a skill in itself, and we are happy to help you with it. With concrete tips, training courses and relevant feedback, we guide your content marketers.

Depending on the level of knowledge and skill of your own marketing team, we intensively guide your marketers. We provide feedback on the written content from our knowledge and expertise, so that the internal knowledge level is increased in the short term. In this way, together, we will lift your website content to the next level.

Component 4: Authority

Another important element for the positions in Google is the authority. Authority consists of two parts: internal authority and external authority. Internal authority is built up by publishing good content, complying with Google’s guidelines, and helping users reach the goal of their website visit.

Increasing the (external) authority of a website is realized with link building. The moment you have relevant backlinks of websites with a lot of authority, the external authority of your website will increase. It is important that the link building activities carried out are in accordance with Google’s guidelines; otherwise, you run the risk of receiving a penalty.

Component 5: Monitoring

The fact that SEO is constantly changing means that monitoring is of great importance. That is why we monitor the technique and content of a website in real-time during each consultancy project. We also monitor Google updates and their effect.

We are notified of every change that has an impact on your ranking. Furthermore, we review all notifications to ensure that no mistakes are made. If something goes wrong, we immediately contact your team to prevent negative impact.

Component 6: Data analyses

To make objectives measurable, you must have insight into your data. You want to know how your keywords are performing and what the results of the SEO work are. You can start with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and rank tracking tools. Many marketers do not have the knowledge to get the right insights from these. Count on us.

Using the appropriate SEO tools, data is correctly interpreted so that goals can be measured and adjusted.

Component 7: New developments and the Google algorithm

Google’s algorithm changes about 3,000 times a year. That means that several changes take place every day. Some changes are big and have a significant impact on your positions, but most of the changes you won’t see, these changes have a direct identifiable impact.

Ideally, you would like to be notified of the changes, but unfortunately, Google does not provide that service. This makes it a time-consuming task to keep track of all the changes. Especially if SEO is not your specialty and if you have many other activities. As SEO specialists, we ensure that you are aware of the latest changes in the Google algorithm, so that both the strategy and your team are always up-to-date.

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Component 8: Website and URL migrations

Many SEO projects involve changing the URL structure or renewing the website. A change in the domain name, a change in the URL structure or the launch of a new website requires a good SEO migration. Things often go wrong when it comes to website migrations, meaning you unnecessarily lose positions in Google.

With the right approach and a website migration roadmap, you can prevent negative consequences for your findability. Together, we’ll draw up a migration plan to ensure that you do not lose any positions.

Hands-on SEO support

You may not be able to carry out all parts of the SEO consultancy process internally. This is something we can see soon enough based on the current knowledge level of your marketers, the available data and the online objectives you have. In that event, we can also provide hands-on support to carry out the SEO action points.

Can we help you with SEO advice?

Do you want to take your SEO to the next level? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, and together we will draw up a plan to make your website more findable by supporting and guiding your own internal marketing team with SEO advice.