What is local SEO?

Local SEO makes your website findable on a local level. When someone in your region searches for your service or product, you become findable through the use of local SEO. Local SEO has become much more important for Google. This is also reflected in the fact that Google is showing more and more local companies in its search results.

Because of this, this SEO strategy offers opportunities for local entrepreneurs or retail chains. Being found locally is possible through your own website ranking high in the search results, but also through Google My Company and Google Maps. With local SEO, you can also gain from the large national players.

Activities that we carry out within a local SEO process:

  • Optimization of your Google My Business profile. Google My Business is one of the most important methods to increase your local findability.
  • An audit of your local business information on the internet. We will take care of the correctness of the online information.
  • Adding your business to local business directories.
  • The creation of local content. Through local content aimed at the search questions within your region, you can be found even better locally.
  • Optimization of the technology of your website. This benefits the user experience.
  • Obtaining local backlinks. This is a strong signal that you are the authority in your region.
  • Adding and optimizing structured data. Using structured data, Google understands even more about your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business makes sure that your company is shown in Google. If you set up Google My Business properly, you can count on a higher position in local searches. In our blog, we explain why Google My Business is important for local SEO and how to optimize Google My Business.

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How local SEO can grow your business

With the use of a good local SEO strategy, your company will be better findable. Local SEO has several advantages:

  • It increases your visibility to local consumers. No less than 97% of consumers orientate themselves online for a local service or local shops. Moreover, only 5% look on the second page of Google.
  • It increases your website traffic, leads and sales from your local target group. Through local SEO, you get targeted leads or sales from visitors within your target area.
  • You stand out from your local competitors. Less than 50% of the companies use local SEO, this means there are huge opportunities to be ahead of your competitors and to build on your local findability.

How do you work on local SEO?

To be optimally findable locally, various activities are carried out within a local SEO process. First, it is smart to optimally set up your Google My Company. When this is set up correctly, you will be shown faster within local searches. This does not only mean that you have to create an account, but also that you have to keep all information up-to-date and provide Google users with the correct information.

1) Information in business directories

In addition, all the information about your company on the internet must be correct. Do many business directories contain multiple addresses? If so, this could be confusing for both Google and its users. This may harm the reliability of your business, something you want to avoid at all cost.

2) Adding your address to new business directories

Business directories are a useful method to send local signals to Google. In this way, Google gets to know more about your business, and you radiate reliability to your target group. Therefore, you should also register with local business guides and business directories that are active in your field.

3) Write local content

To provide your target audience with the most relevant and valuable information, writing local content is important. By writing local content, you can offer solutions to the questions your target audience has. Moreover, you show your audience that you are the expert in your field through content.

4) Optimize the technology of your website

Technology is the basis of a findable website. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your website technically. Utilizing a good technical optimization, you improve the loading speed, which benefits the user experience. A correct technique also enables Google to visit and index pages in the right way.

5) Get local backlinks

Backlinks are an important signal for Google. By getting relevant and authoritative local backlinks, you send out the signal that you are the local expert. Content is not the only important aspect to build authority, backlinks also contribute to this. It is crucial that backlinks are obtained in the right way; otherwise Google will penalize you with a penalty.

What is link building?

Link building ensures that relevant links to your website are placed on websites that are authorities themselves. Google sees this as a signal that your website is valuable, which means that your website will get higher positions in the SERP.

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6) Adding and optimizing structured data

Structured data are pieces of code that are placed on a page. This code is not visible to the visitors of your website, but it is visible to crawlers, such as Google.

By using the right structured data, you give Google more information about your company, so that Google can better understand what you do or which products you sell. Moreover, by using structured data, you will also stand out in the search results.

Rock-solid SEO strategy

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What can we do for you in terms of local SEO?

After an introductory phone call, we will make a presentation including your current situation, the opportunities, and a plan of approach. This way, we ensure a thorough approach and a good basis for further cooperation.

During the local SEO process, we will, of course, stay in touch regularly to show you what work we have done and what the result is. Depending on your own SEO knowledge and your internal capacity, we will carry out all the work. Prefer to implement everything yourself? No problem!

In that case, we will help you write valuable content and perform optimizations. This way, you will not only rank well, but visitors will also find relevant and useful content.

We schedule a Google Meet meeting monthly, in which we go over the following:

  • The work carried out and the time spent
  • The work scheduled for the new month
  • The results based on the agreed KPIs
  • The keyword positions based on a keyword research carried out

We help you increase your findability!

Are you ready to be gain higher rankings in your area? We would love to help you out! Please contact us for an introductory meeting.

Why has local SEO become so important?

There are various reasons why local SEO has become so essential nowadays, for example, updates from Google. To clarify it, we list the reasons below. Please keep in mind that nowadays almost half of the searches have a local search intent.

  1. People no longer search via the Yellow Pages, but via Google. Because most local companies can be found on the Internet, people nowadays search via Google. You get a lot more search results that you can compare.
  2. People are increasingly using smartphones to search for a local business in smaller cities and towns.
  3. Google is getting better at local SEO. Google updates Venice and Pigeon ensure that Google shows local search results better and better. The place where you are located is recognized and thus Google can show you relevant, local search results. Our page on Google algorithm updates teaches you more about Google's updates.