Within Europe, the Netherlands is one of the most advanced digital countries. This leading position offers an excellent starting point for internationalization. More and more Dutch companies are therefore choosing to expand internationally to grow further.

Growing internationally with the help of SEO

To gain an international foothold, more needs to be done than just translating your website or your webshop. Often people think too lightly about internationalization and becoming internationally findable. Your target audience probably searches differently in countries like Germany and France than they do in the Netherlands.

Moreover, the mentality in other countries is often quite different from that in the Netherlands. It is important to respond to this with your entire website, including your content. A good and thorough approach ensures that you have a good basis for international growth and international findability.

With an international SEO strategy, we work with you to ensure that your website matches your target group, builds on topic authority in the right way and has the right technical implementations. Only in this way will you take the best steps internationally.