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Too often, SEO is still thought to be the implementation of a few simple tricks to influence the algorithm of search engines. Naming the search term a few times or swapping a few backlinks: these are just two simple examples of how SEO is implemented by many marketers and agencies.

These are outdated strategies that worked before. Are you getting started with SEO? Then it is crucial that you perform optimizations for your target audience and not to influence search engine algorithms. Think carefully about what your target audience is searching for and how you add value for these visitors. This goes beyond just content, but also includes providing a good user experience and connecting with user intent.

The (incorrect) pillars of search engine optimization

There is usually talk about three pillars of SEO: technology, content and authority. The designations vary from marketer to marketer, but fundamentally, with that approach, it comes down to:

  • You make sure your website is fast. You make sure your website is fast.
  • Crawlers visiting the right pages. Crawlers visiting the right pages.
  • You write content to rank. You write content to rank.
  • You add meta data and internal links. You add meta data and internal links.
  • You exchange or purchase links. You exchange or purchase links.

Our unvarnished opinion

Our unvarnished opinion on how SEO is often looked at: it no longer works and is not future-proof. And that’s a shame, because Organic Search can be of great value to your entire marketing mix.

At SmartRanking, we are a little cocky. We look not only at what works now, but also at what will work in the future. After all, what has worked before is no guarantee for the future. Search engines are getting smarter and want to show the most relevant search results to users.

Onze kijk op SEO

In our view, there are not three pillars, but four pillars

We see “Search quality” as a new pillar, which includes E-E-A-T. By search quality we mean all improvements that contribute to the user experience, relevance and reliability of the website. Think of transparent communication about the authors of the content, but also good information about, for example, payment options and return policy and a user-friendly website.

  • 01 Technique
  • 02 On-page
  • 03 Search quality
  • 04 Authority

When we talk about the four pillars of SEO, in our view it revolves around:

  • Providing a good user experience, using a fast, secure and mobile-friendly website.
  • Providing structured data to make pages better understandable for crawlers.
  • Building topic authority so that you help your target audience from A to Z.
  • Providing a good user experience, where the page matches the search intent in terms of layout and information.
  • Building the reliability of your brand, in part by obtaining positive reviews.
  • Making the entire platform properly crawlable when the website contains more than 50,000 pages.
  • The creation of content that answers the user's questions, concerns and needs.
  • Enriching content, where it adds value, with images, tables and videos, among other things.
  • Showcasing your expertise, being transparent about who writes the content and what the company stands for.
  • Building your brand (including with PR), growing the number of mentions on relevant websites.

SEO as a marketing channel

SEO is not a marketing channel, but a way to improve your entire website for your users. In doing so, you will be rewarded with higher positions in organic search results. But even more pleasing: it also has an impact on other marketing channels. For example, improving your reliability ensures a higher conversion rate and more relevant content ensures a better quality score in Google Ads. Thus, SEO is not an isolated channel, but a wonderful way to take your website to the next level.

SEO als marketingkanaal
SEO bureau SmartRanking
If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got.

SEO and AI

SEO has never stood still and is never going to stand still. The rapid rise of AI and its various capabilities, allow you to optimize your website more efficiently. AI is also changing the search behavior of your target audience. Therefore, it is important not to live in the “now” with your mindset, but rather to be engaged in the future.

For us, this underscores the importance of no longer seeing SEO as a marketing method where you write texts for search engines. When you really work on improving your website for your target audience, we believe that you will remain findable in the future. Even if search methods change or search engines change the design of search results.

We are a big proponent of using AI, as long as it adds value and you really improve your website. It is not for nothing that we develop several custom GPTs for SEO.

Visie op SEO

The most important thing when it comes to SEO

We can’t repeat it often enough: SEO is not about manipulating search engines, but about improving your website for your user. For many marketers, this is a difficult, but necessary, switch in mindset. If you’re already doing SEO this way, the future looks bright!

Toekomst van SEO

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Do you want a future-proof SEO strategy for your website? Are you curious about the latest SEO trends? Or would you like to know more about our vision of SEO? Then contact us without obligation for an online introduction.

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