SEO traject SteigerhoutTrend

SEO project for SteigerhoutTrend

SteigerhoutTrend is one of the largest online shops for (scaffold) wooden furniture in the Netherlands. With thousands of orders per year, in-house production and logistics, customers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium are served. SteigerhoutTrend delivers all products within 2 weeks. The goal of the SEO program was significant growth, meaning there was a good balance between revenue from search engine optimization and revenue from paid channels.

Plan of approach

First, extensive keyword research was carried out within the SEO process to identify the needs of the target group and the search volumes. Data from Google Ads was also used, to obtain a clear image of converting search terms. Search terms with a high conversion rate, low CPA or high e-commerce turnover were then prioritized within the SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

After the keyword research had been carried out and a roadmap was drawn up, we set to work on the technical SEO. To improve the user experience and the conversion rate, steps in the field of loading speed and crawlability were made. Thanks to the loading speed optimizations, performed by the development team of SteigerhoutTrend, the Largest Contentful Paint has been brought below 2.5 seconds. Furthermore, structured data implementations have been performed to gain more visibility in the search results.

The webshop layout

User experience is more than a fast webshop, a logical layout of the webshop is just as important. Based on the keyword research and Google Analytics data, the menu of SteigerhoutTrend is completely rebuilt and redesigned, so that visitors quickly find the right products. This benefits the conversion on the website.

Content marketing

Because the orders at SteigerhoutTrend are often done without seeing the products beforehand, it is essential that the right information is provided. To help users choose the correct products, we started with content marketing. In the content marketing strategy, we considered the different decision phases of users and their needs. This has led to multiple pillar pages and blogs around it so that the users can easily select the right products.

Optimization of product pages

Product pages are regularly underexposed on webshops. Nevertheless, for many webshops they are an important part of the e-commerce SEO process, and they have a major impact on the placement of an order. Since many webshops contain hundreds to (tens of) thousands of products, it is often difficult to optimize product pages to prevent duplicate content. For SteigerhoutTrend, we are continuously working to provide products with unique content, to make sure that their product pages and images are findable and convert better. An investment that definitely pays off eventually.

The SEO process in the long run

The significant growth that SteigerhoutTrend has experienced has also freed up budget to optimize a second webshop: Industriele Meubelenshop. The aim is to make this second webshop findable on partly different search terms and to achieve a positive ROI on the SEO process. As for every customer, SteigerhoutTrend benefits from all recent SEO trends, such as organic Google Shopping and featured snippets.