Alt tags checker

This alt tags checker allows you to check the alt tags of images on your page. Instantly see which alt tags you have entered and if you are missing any alt tags.

Use below the Alt tags checker

You may know that images really add something to a page on your website. Not only because they look nice, but also because Google values them. You will therefore score higher in the “normal” search results and moreover, you will also be found better in Google’s Image Search. What is perhaps less known is the importance of the name the alt tag you give to an image.

What are Alt tags?

Alt tags are descriptions of an image. When you add an alt tag to an image, you are actually describing what you see. This alternative tag ensures that a description is always visible if an image does not load for some reason. Often people don’t fill in the alt tag, missing an opportunity. Alt tags are a small, but valuable, part of search engine optimization.

Google reads the alt tag and therefore knows what the image is about. It is important to make sure that an alt tag is descriptive (tell Google what the image is about) and that an alt tag contains one or more keywords. This is because placing keywords will cause Google to rank you highly for the keywords you enter. Keep in mind that you should keep the alt tag concise so that you don’t end up with lots of text. You want to avoid that. Also, take a look at our blog on image optimization.

Alt tags checker from SmartRanking

We can imagine that you are uncertain if you have added an alt tag to all the images on your website. To help you with this, we have developed an SEO tool that shows exactly whether you are using alt tags on your page and what the alt tags are. This way, you don’t have to go through the code of your page to check everything yourself, but you can see very specifically how each page is doing.