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Minify your CSS easily through our CSS minifier. Just paste all your CSS in the field below and hit the button, to minify CSS within seconds.

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What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a programming language you use to format a website. It may sound a bit complicated, but among other things, this code specifies how certain elements on a website will look.

CSS is relatively easy to learn because the structure and writing of CSS is self-explanatory. As a result, you can often decipher CSS code just by reading it. You can easily find tutorials online to help you write the code.

What is the use of a CSS minify tool?

If you are optimizing a web page you will sometimes see “Minify CSS, HTML or JavaScript”. To understand what that means, it’s important to know that programmers try to write code that other programmers can also understand. Then when other people start working on the website, it is easy to understand and can be worked on efficiently.

Back to “Minify CSS, HTML or JavaScript.” A computer cannot tell the difference between unnecessary characters (such as enters and spaces) in code. In a way that is a pity, these characters make a text more readable. Code that does contain enters and spaces is merged by our CSS minifier so that these characters are no longer included. This makes a CSS file smaller.

The advantage of minified CSS

For a small piece of CSS this makes little difference, but if you have a huge amount of CSS then the CSS minify tool can save quite a few lines. Saving these lines ensures that fewer KBs (kilobytes), or even MBs (megabytes), are downloaded by your website visitors. In turn, each KB you save reduces the amount of time your website takes to download. And you guessed it, that in turn is good for your search engine optimization. Load speed is an important part of technical SEO and will only become more important in the coming years.