SERP preview tool

With the Google SERP snippet preview tool, you can easily check how your website looks in Google's search results. Simply enter a URL, meta title and meta description and the tool will show you how potential visitors see your website in Google. Avoid truncated meta titles and meta descriptions. Go for a high CTR with attractive impressions in Google's SERP!

Use below the SERP preview tool
The title may be around 60 characters wide
Your meta description is a summary of the content on the page. A length of between 120 and 160 characters is ideal, as it won't be cut off.

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Why is your appearance in Google’s SERP important?

Google is an important source for getting website traffic. Therefore, you must be findable in search results. But just being findable is not enough because impressions are not yet visitors. To get visitors from Google, people have to actually click on your website and not those of competitors. You want the CTR – the click-through rate from Google to your page – to be as high as possible.

An attractive and inviting display in Google’s search results is significant for this. The optimization of your meta titles and meta descriptions is therefore an important part of search engine optimization. It directly influences the number of visitors that click on your search result and visit your website.

The length of your meta title and meta description

A truncated meta title or meta description has a negative impact on your CTR. By making sure your meta title and meta description are the right length, you can avoid this. In our SERP Preview Tool, a meta title or meta description that is too long is automatically truncated. You can recognize this by the three dots (…) added to the end of the title or description. Google does this the same way in the SERP if your page has a meta title or description that is too long.

A meta title can be about 60 characters wide. Is your title longer? Then Google truncates it. Provide a catchy and eye-catching meta title that matches the page the visitor lands on.

A meta description may be up to 900 pixels wide on desktop devices, 680 pixels on mobile devices. The pixel width equates to about 155 to 160 characters, depending on the characters you use. For example, a w takes up more pixels than an i. We recommend using a maximum width of 680 pixels to make sure your meta description is displayed properly on mobile and desktop devices.

Other details in the SERP

In addition to your meta title and meta description, Google may also show the following information in some cases:

  • A date of publication of the page
  • Review stars
  • The stock status of a product
  • A page image
  • The price of a product

Google shows this data in the SERP using structured data that is on your page. Want to add structured data on your pages? You can do so by adding a piece of HTML code.