Website IP checker

With this IP checker tool, you can easily find out the IP address on which a website is hosted, through a reverse IP look-up.

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What is an IP address?

You’ve probably heard of it, an IP address. An IP address can be compared to the postal address of your house. This address tells the website you are visiting where to send all the information. When you visit a website, you ask it to send information to your IP address. Conversely, a website also hosts on an IP address. Otherwise, a website simply cannot run.

Why is an IP checker important for my SEO?

Using the IP address, it is possible to view various data, including the location of the server. The location of the server is important for your findability and an important part of technical SEO. The closer the server is to a visitor, the faster the website will load. A better load time benefits usability, conversion rate and findability.

Using the IP address, it is also possible to verify that the server on which a website is hosted is not blacklisted. This can be detrimental to your findability and search engine optimization.

IP website checker from SmartRanking

We can imagine that you do not know exactly what IP address your website has, or that you want to know what IP address another website has. To help you with this, we have developed an SEO tool that instantly shows what IP address a website is running on. Just enter the URL and you will immediately get the answer to your question. Easy right!